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Tibetan Diamond/ Quartz:  Tibetan is reputed to hold protective andpurifying qualities to empower those who work with its wonderful energy.  Akin to the Himalayan quartz, it tooresonates with a powerful "Om” vibration of pure divine, universal lightenergy. It connects deeply with the energies of wise Tibetan philosophies whichmake it an ideal ally for those who are soul searching for a deep spiritualawareness.  It is said to work as a powerfulmediation tool and healer which has the potential to expand our aura and attuneour physical self to be more in alignment to spirit. To carry one of thesebeautiful crystals upon us is said to provide a powerful protective "bubble ofwhite light” around the physical body and auric field keeping it pure andincorruptible. It is beneficial in aiding one on every level to maintain acentred approached and remain well balanced.