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Ethically Sourced Crystals from around the World - Hand Picked by Us - For You
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CLICK HERE TO ENTER WHOLESALE SITE IF REGISTERED We are a importer of Gemstones and crystals and polished stones from around the world we particularly specialise in beautiful rough and natural rugged crystals from small basket lines for gift shops to large specimen pieces for interior designers or adorning healing centres. We hand pick our stock when travelling abroad, bringing back exceptional pieces from the thousands of tons we sift through to bring you the best!! When you enter this area of the site as a registered trade user you will find prices on many lines mostly at a Kg rate or 500g bag rate A guide is provided below to try to give a very appx guide as to how many pieces you might expect to get in a Kg if you would rather buy per piece instead of per kg use the main retail site where you will recieve a traders discount shown on screen. - The way this site is laid out ALL PRICES SHOWN INCLUDE VAT PLEASE REMEMBER THIS IF COMPARING OUR PRICES WITH OTHER SUPPLIERS GUIDE TO NUMBER OF PIECES IN A KG Polished Stones XL to XXL 3-5cm stones 34 to a Kg L to XL 2.75cm to 3cm 65 to a Kg S to M 1.5-2.5cm 110 per Kg These figures are based on a stone of average weight ie Quartz it is just a guide so we do not guarantee a number per Kg you might get more or less. Certain stones such as Garnet, Tourmaline & especially Hematite are more dense & will have less pieces per Kg Clusters & Points 2-3 cm points appx 1cm thick 150-200 per Kg Amethyst Clusters 4.5-6cm 15-20 per Kg Sodalite rough 3-4cm 30-40 per Kg Spheres Spheres Quartz 6.5cm 2 per Kg Spheres Moonstone 3-4cm 11-15 per Kg Spheres Quartz 2.75-3cm 18-22 per Kg For the nature of showing trade prices I have to show a retail price this is based on a Sugested mark up this will vary according to local demand and your overheads (we do not sell most products by weight to retail customers) Other products where you are buying by the piece show our genuine retail price Why not e- mail or phone us with your name address phone number and nature of business (Start ups welcome) and we will e- mail you login details. EVEN BETTER VISIT OUR NEW WHOLESALE WAREHOUSE IN NORTH NORFOLK AND HAND PICK THE BEST FROM THE 1000 SQ FEET OF CRYSTALS ON DISPLAY WE HAVE MASSIVE STOCK HOLDING -THE WEBSITE IS JUST THE TIP OF THE ICEBURG. PHONE TO BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT NOW!! WHY NOT INCORPORATE IT INTO A MIDWEEK OR LONG WEEKEND BREAK ON THE BEAUTIFUL NORTH NORFOLK COAST For further help you can contact Danny or Gail most weekdays on our wholesale mobile number on 0792 006 2942 or try our office number 01263 519 519 if unobtainable.