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Ethically Sourced Crystals from around the World - Hand Picked by Us - For You
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Little Gems wholesale Crystal Warehouse

North Norfolks very own ‘ Gemporium’ is a crystal cavern offering a vast array of beautiful Crystals; gemstones; rocks; minerals and gemstone jewellery from around the world! 


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Discover our Gemstones Warehouse

crystal warehouse
Whether you are starting out on your journey in the world of selling crystals; be it as a hobby, new seller or a well- established business ; we can offer bulk -buy items at competitive rates; affordable basket line pieces, as well as unusual and one - off unique specimens.
As a small, family run business we take pride in sharing a genuine passion and interest in rocks & crystals, and all share a love and respect for the environment and natural world around us.
We have been trading with trusted suppliers for nearly 25 years - travelling the world to bring you the most unique crystals. It is crucial to us to be able to ensure that the Crystals we supply from South America are ethically sourced, and therefore, we personally visit many of the mines, polishing houses and suppliers around Brazil in order to be satisfied that the workers are both treated & paid fairly in accordance with a living wage and to ensure that the environment hasn’t been exploited by illegal mining.
crystal shop
You are most welcome to book a 1:1 appointment to visit our gem- packed warehouse showroom, ( 1000 square ft) to hand select your order - where you can  experience what is referred to by many as “An Alladins Cave” on the beautiful North Norfolk Coast- why not combine it with a weekend break to the area?
However, if you find it difficult to visit us, we would love to guide you around by offering ‘FaceTime’ and ‘WhatsApp’ video appointments.
Little Gems Crystal Warehouse
You can also register for an online wholesale account where you can browse at your own leisure through our many thousands of products to place an order online. 

A few pictures of our Crystal Warehouse...

  • crystal warehouse in norwich
  • little gems shop in norwich
  • Gemstone Owls
  • Gemstone Wolf
  • moldavite gemstone
  • agate crystal
  • little gems shop in norwich