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Ethically Sourced Crystals from around the World - Hand Picked by Us - For You
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Are all of your products in stock?

We hold most of our 8000 products in stock within our company for supply by mail order.
Many of our products are also held in stock at our High Street Shop in Cromer Norfolk NR27 9DB- some more specialist items however might be out of stock in particular ideas with a prefix of SP in the code.
We list very few items that our not stocked in our warehouse or shop - the items concerned usually list this clearly in the text.

Do I get the exact piece pictured on your website

Because of the nature of Crystals and Minerals, they vary piece to piece - indeed this is part of their appeal as each piece is unique. 
Some items show a generic example or a number of examples - this will often be accompanied with a size range indicating the piece shown is an example. This will depend on the code of the product. A further indication this is the case is a code with an R in it ie SPR1001

Many pieces you will get the actual piece pictured - these pieces will have an exact measurement and weight but not size range as in the SPR items have a prefix of SP then the number ie SP10001
if i doubt please feel free to contact us to clarify

Do you have a show room?

We have a High Street Shop which is often 7 days a week through the year, unfortunately from Feb 14th 2022 until the Autumn we are running on lower staffing levels - during this period our opening hours will be 
Sat Sun Mon Tue 10-4.30pm WED CLOSED* Thur Fri 11am to 4pm * we hope to open most Wed in School Holidays - thankyou for your patience and understanding in this period.
Many but not all of the products listed online are also available in store, some are kept at our warehouse which is not manned every week day or at. Weekends - if you are wanting to view a particular item it's always best to check that we have it in our shop before you visit - in particular items cprefixed with the code  'SP' are one of a kind items that are picked from our warehouse and not our shop. These items can be viewed instore if you have the item code and you give us a few days notice of your visit - if not we are open 10-5 Mon day to Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

SP are stored at our warehouse as one off lines 

I am buying from the USA - how much to you charge in US Dollars

The prices we quote are in our local currency UK Pounds
We realise that this may not be a familar currency to many of our customers but we are unable to display each price in other currency rates as our payment provider only charges in UK Pounds and converts it to US Dollars at the day rate of conversion we cant list the rates online in US Dollars as rates change daily in fact hourly but the pound is very weak at the moment and the dollar is strong making it a great time to buy!! at the time of writing the dollar is worth around £1.25 so multiply the value by around that figure - up to date figures can be found at
Also once you have added a item to the basket - you can go to the checkout to check shipping to your country - note at this point a big chunk of the items value 20% will disappear as this is a UK tax payable only by UK  or European residents - please note however that your own US tax office might choose to add a tax on import to the USA. From what I have heard from other US customers this rarely applies on small shipments of less than $25 I believe but its your responsibility to check this out and pay any US taxes due..

I can't find the answer to my question. What do I do?

Click on "Contact Us" and let us know what your question is. We'll get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.

If I order now when will my order be delivered?

Specify delivery times will vary according to shipping option chosen, the type of product and the destination as well as the day the order was placed.
Goods ordered Monday to Friday will take 1-3 days to be picked often however it will be picked on the day.
Goods ordered on Saturdays or Sunday are not usually processed until the next office working day.
Shipping options are selected by yourself at the checkout and vary between in the UK Royal Mail Special Delivery, First Class, Second Class, Parcel Post, FedEx Delivery and Pallet Delivery.