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Clear Quartz is  commonly referred to as crystal or rock crystal but its coloured varieties has many other pseudonyms given to the various colours of this mineral such as Amethyst, Citrine, Carnelian, Green Aventurine and Jasper. 
For coloured Varieties please look under the relevant minerals .

This section refers only lists only clear Quartz and milky Quartz of many different configurations.

Quartz is mostly igneous formed when molten magma cools and crystallises into its constituent parts forming into part of deep volcanic rocks such as pegmatite. The majority of our Quartz comes from Brazil where we hands pick the material from ethical sources.

Quartz is commonly associated with clarity of thinking and mental alertness. It is also known as the transmitter of positive energy in healing situations.

Talking about Rock Crystal - clear Quartz - Michael Geinger in his book 'crystal power crystal healing - the complete handbook'. Refers to Quartz  in it  "encourages clarity and neutrality and vast improves perception and understanding". He also mentions "rock crystal records forgotten memories and brings them into Conscious awareness. Further saying it helps "with solving problems in simple ways and in revitalising capabilities we thought we had lost."


These Lemurian seed quartz are from the Diamontina / Minas Gerais area of Brazil and are unique to this single location, they were discovered on a remote mountaintop location whilst mining for other quartz. these special quartz however caught the miners attention in that whilst they are clear they have a slight matt appearance to their surface however their main distinguishing feature are the horizontal etched markings that run up and in places step up at least one side of the crystal.