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Manifest your Dreams

Recently we have several questions asking for crystals that might help one manifest your dreams into your waking life. I asked Kathy, a Crystal Healer working for Little gems, if she could enlighten us a little more, she says. "Moldavite enhances the properties of whatever crystal it is combined with...Chrysocolla is all about the mother goddess energies, balanced harmonious relationships, good communication. For dreams coming true I would be inclined to place it with a herkimer diamond , sunstone or topaz...programming it and placing it in a sacred space at full moon...then sleep with it under a pillow, carry it on ones person or place it in an area that is dedicated to sacred prayer. Hope that is helpful...Chrysocolla would be good if a balanced harmonious future within relationships is what is required!"


Both these Crystals are available from the Crystal Pages of our website at

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