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Imperfections and natural blemishes in Crystals

As each Crystal is unique and like us some have natural imperfections  - we hand pick our crystals from around the world and try to pick the crystals with most appeal and character - sometimes being natural and having formed over many millions of years may have traces of their past showing in their formation - for instance some of the  Carnelian we add have a small hollows in their centres - carnelian forms in small fissures cracks and cavities as very hot rock cools or in areas above hot rock where super heated water percolates through older rock above - it forms in  layers from the outside inwards as hydrothermal water lays down layers of quartz and chalcedony - occasionally this process completely fills the void that the carnelian formed in on many other occasions changes in  hydrothermal activity mean the carnelian stops forming leaving a cavity at the core of the carnelian - this can commonly also be seen at the heart of agates which form in the same way -

Each piece is we sell is unique and often Agates Quartz and Amethyst in particular can have internal fractures due to earth movements which show up when held in certain light these have then be re cemented naturally over the millennia as more recent quartz has naturally repaired these natural imperfections can add to their character almost like a finger print link to its history but we offer a 28day money back no quibble guarantee on any item (excluding stone polishers, books and earrings) if you fever reciece a piece that you feel doesn't feel right..

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