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Star Born, Painting by Geoffrey Treissman. STARBORN

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Star Born, Painting by Geoffrey Treissman.   STARBORN
Star Born, Painting by Geoffrey treissman. 

After returning from a month in hospital suffering from heart failure, and my fourth near death experience, I was unable to paint for a year. Gradually my health improved sufficiently to work on an idea that i had mulled over for ages. This concerned the energies involved with the creation and substance of the material universe and our relationship with the birth of stars & planets. I have tried to convey the feeling of our interconnectedness with the universe and the birth of higher consciousness, creativity and the emergence of the new.

The original 100cm x 70cm was done on canvas using Acrylic paint.

Each limited print of 500 only comes with a numbered certificate signed by the artist.

A4 print with bevelled mount in textured ivory.

Approximate size - 38cm x 31cm.