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Sikhote Meteorite february 12, 1947. Sikhote

(Code: Sikhote)
It was a still, frosty almost cloudless afternoon on february 12, 1947 in Eastern Siberia, when at 1:38 local time a bolid appeared. in the sky, clearly visible in the full sunlight. It initially looked as a bright star, but soon turned into a dazzling fireball which became slightly elongated The bolid rapidly crossed the sky north to south. leaving behind it a boiling dusty trail of the Metoroid particles.
During the flight, the bolid split into several parts. Several minutes after the blinding light local inhabitants heard loud bangs like explosions then followed a thundering and roaring sound that rumbled far over the taiga and resounded over in the spurs of the Sikote Alin Ridge
witnesses in villages situated along the ground told about doors swinging open, broken windows & plaster falling off walls & ceilings during the fall. Flame was seen to break out of furnaces, ashes and smoldering logs being blown out. And animals & farm livestock where spooked. The giant trail of dust and smoke remained in the sky for the rest of the day. Gradually twisting due to strong air currents in the upper
atmosphere. The trail dispersed by the sunset,
An artist named Medvcdev witnessed the meteoroid flight and immediately painted an impession of the scene. Ten years later in 1957 his painting was reproduced on a Soviet postal stamp.