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Radiant Core Mandala by Geoffrey Treissman.

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Radiant Core Mandala by Geoffrey Treissman.
Radiant Core Mandala. The inspiration for this Mandala came after contemplating the nature of the cosmos over the long winter of 2010. As the energy of the vernal equinox dawned, and the moon moved into Taurus the artist felt inspired to create the vibrant coloures depicted here. A spiritual adept remarked on seeing this new image when it was completed, ''This Mandala activates the !!<>!!Crown Chakra!!<>!! and has a !!<>!!protective influence!!<>!!. It's iridescent quality and vibrancy also has a beneficial effect on the onlookers mind''. The original painting measuring 100cm x 100cm was produced on canvas using acrylics and oil pastels.
A4 size print with bevelled ivory mount.
approximate size 38 x 31cm.
Each limited edition print of 500 only comes with a numbered certificate signed by the artist.