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PURE ESSENTIAL OIL - GINGER. zingiber officinale. SPR3102

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PURE ESSENTIAL OIL - GINGER. zingiber officinale. SPR3102
PURE ESSENTIAL OIL - GINGER. zingiber officinale. 10ml. 1/3 fl oz us. 40g.

Stimulating, warming and an aphrodisiac.
Fiery and fortifying, Ginger is good for a delightfully warming muscle massage.
Zingiber officinale Root oil is obtained by steam distillation of the root of Ginger, Zingiber officinalis L, Zingiberaceae.
Ginger essential oil has many applications.
It's useful as a travelling aid as it can help with travel sickness & tummy upsets when used diluted as a rub.
Used for aching muscles, arthritis, nausea and poor circulation.
It stimulates appetite and improves digestion. Its warming qualities are also used in the treatment of colds and catarrhs, coughs, respiratory congestion, sinusitis and sore throats. It is diaphoretic and can be useful for treating feverish conditions.
Ginger should always be very well diluted before use on the skin as it's an irritant. We recommend it's diluted to a maximum of 2%.