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Path to the Mytic Mountain. by Geoffrey Treissman. PTTMM

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Path to the Mytic Mountain. by Geoffrey Treissman.   PTTMM
Path to the Mysic Mountain represents one of the heavenly realms and was envisioned when meditating on the path to realization. It represents the journey that aspirants make when embarking their chosen spiritual road. It features the undergrowth and entanglements that have to be overcome when beginning ones journey. Then there are dark rocks representing the negative aspects of the persona that may be the cause of suffering and harm. However, these may be transcended with effort and trust in the guiding inner light of compassion. Finally the golden mountain symbolizes the goal of realization, bliss, purity and the warmth of compassion.

The original painting 100cm x 70cm was done on canvas using acrylics and oil pastels. 

A4 size print with bevelled, ivory mount.

approximate size 41cm x 33cm.

Each limited edition print of 100 only comes with a numbered certificate signed by the artist.