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Influx Mandala by Geoffery Treissman.

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Influx Mandala by Geoffery Treissman.
The artist has always been awestruck by the variety of spirals found in nature, especially amongst the stars and galaxies. Fossils shells and all manner of life no matter how small have captivated him thoughout his life. Moreover, the juxaposition between galaxies and the emerging spiral in the centre is concerned with the theme of creation and emergence. Once again, the cosmos is depicted in the shape of a !!<>!!Mandala!!<>!!. Those who viewed the original remarked that they found the image calming and inspiring. The original painting measuring 80cm x 80cm was painted on canvas using mixed media of acrylic and oil pastels.
A4 size print with bevelled mount.
approximate size 38 x 30cm.
Each limited edition print of 500 only comes with a numbered certificate signed by the artist.