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Illuminatus, Painting by Geoffrey Treissman.

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Illuminatus, Painting by Geoffrey Treissman.
Illuminatus, Painting by Geoffrey Treissman.

Illuminatus was conceived after meditating on how the energies generated by the Universe influence our planet, both on a material, and spiritual plane. There are subtle energies that man is as yet unable to measure or quantify scientifically at this stage of our development. Nevertheless, these amazing forces have a profound influence on our lives. Illuminatus is concerned with the alignment of planets and orbits that offer the possibility of the illumination of the psyche. people who have seen the original painting claim that it lifts their spirits.  

The original 100cm x 70cm was done on canvas using Acrylic paint and oil pastels.

Each limited print of 500 only comes with a numbered certificate signed by the artist.

A4 print with bevelled mount in textured ivory.

approximate size - 38cm x 31cm.