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Charkravartin by Geoffrey Treissman.

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Charkravartin by Geoffrey Treissman.
Charkravartin means ''Wheel Turner'' and was used as an epithet for the buddha whose teachings pervaded many lands.
Here, the concentric circles spin like catherine wheels generating cosmic energy which has a profound and subtle healing effect on the mind of the viewer. This mandala also helps the aspirant to deepen their level of meditation. Those that have seen the painting have remarked on it's enlightening properties and have reported experiencing a sense of joy as they viewed the image.
The original painting measuring 100cm x 100cm was produced on canvas using acrylics and oil pastels.
A4 size print with bevelled mount in textured ivory.
approximate size 41 x 33cm.
Each limited edition print of 500 only comes with a numbered certificate signed by the artist.