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ABSOLUTE - VANILLA, vanilla planifolia. SPR8481

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ABSOLUTE - VANILLA, vanilla planifolia. SPR8481
ABSOLUTE - VANILLA, vanilla planifolia.
5ml. 0.16 fl oz us. 37g.
Curative, calming and euphoric
It's sweet aroma makes Vanilla a preferred ingredient in the cosmetics industry
The material obtained by solvent (glycerine) extraction of the fresh dried pod of Vanilla planifolia
Vanilla Absolute is a non-toxic oil but is rarely used in aromatherapy.
It can be blended with a base cream or lotion when it can have a positive effect on all skin types.
It's mostly used in skin preparations for it's wonderful, sweet aroma. It's also used as a flavouring ingredient in foods, tobacco as well as in perfumery.
It's odour can bring a sense of well-being, euphoria, comfort and a feeling of relaxation.