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Yogi On The Jade Mountain by Geoffrey Treissman.

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Yogi On The Jade Mountain by Geoffrey Treissman.
This image came to the artist during morning meditation. This figure depicts the yogic pracititioner undergoing a mystical transformation as he absorbs the inflow of cosmic energy into his being. His aura is transformed as his ego mind dissolves and he experiences bliss and the all encompassing unconditional love that is the essence of the cosmos. It shows how all negative impulses and karma can be transmuted into pure unadulterated energy that is the !!<>!!!!<>!!stuff!!<>!!!!<>!! of the universe. This ultimate compassion is then generated out into the world automatically for the benefit of all sentient beings. People that have seen this painting commented that they found it calmed their minds and triggered a meditative state.
A4 size print with bevelled mount.
approximate size 40 x 33cm.
Each limited edition print of 500 only comes with a numbered certificate signed by the artist.