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Norfolk Geology - Global Warming in the ICE AGE!!!

We Think of Global Warming as just a modern phenomenon however the earths climate is ever changing the Ice Ages were a major negative turn however this cold period was not a single event but a whole series of Freezing and Warming episodes. Long periods of thousands of years of icy conditions were suddenly punctuated by warmer periods than current conditions. In such inter glacial periods animals such as such as Hyena, Hippos,Brown Bears and Elephants and Beaver were abundant. In these periods Cromer area was the natural habitat for such creatures the area had a large fresh water river flowing through it which deposited a peaty layer (known as the "Cromer Forest Beds") over time these deposits built up and is still visible in several areas along the coast at the base of the cliff under the glacial sands and clays. The best place to see this layer is at West Runton. on walking down the slipway turn right and walk for a hundred yards or so and the deposit will show between landslips.The peaty layer can when weathered heavily in the winter reveal fossils of the above animals more commonly fresh water snails (gastropods) and Fresh water mussel fragments show. 
Please note Fossil hunting on the Beach is not a problem however the site is a Site of Special Scientific interest so digging in the cliffs is prohibited as well as being dangerous. 

Danny Little GemsLocal Geology Introduction Ref: 154
North Norfolk holds many clues to its past .The Sandy hills of Cromer to Holt the Chalk Wave cut Platforms of Cromer and Runton and the Peaty bases to the Cliffs at West Runton.
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