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Goddesses & Angels. Doreen Virtue Ph.D. SPR1174

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Goddesses & Angels. Doreen Virtue Ph.D. SPR1174
Awakening your inner High-Priestess and ''source-eress''.
In this entrancing true spiritual adventure story the reader journeys with Doreen Virtue into the powerful healing world of angels, goddesses and ascended masters. this extraordinary spiritual quest takes Doreen from a Sedona sweat lodge ceremony, to the magical waters of Hawaii, a goddess temple in glastonbury's Isle of Avalon and the Polynesian island of Moorea. As she opens herself to the wisdom of these places, Doreen receives important insights into Lemuria, merpeople and the new Rainbow Children.
In these magical locations Doreen contacts godesses, spirits and teachers that guide her to deepen her connection with her inner godess and become a more powerfully loving person. As part of her quest, Doreen is guided to visit Lourdes where she receives inspirational messages from Mother Mary that she shares with her readers in this magical odyssey.
Also included is a practical, easy-to-use guide on which goddesses and angels to call upon fpr a variety of situations that will help you awaken your innate spirtual abilities.