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ABSOLUTE - OAKMOSS, evernia prunasti. SPR6645

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ABSOLUTE - OAKMOSS, evernia prunasti. SPR6645
ABSOLUTE - OAKMOSS, evernia prunasti. 10ml. 1/3 fl oz us. 40g.
Antiseptic, fixative.
Oakmoss is used as a fixative in high class perfumery.
Obtained by solvent extraction from the plant.
Oakmoss essential oil is best known for being used in high class perfumery.
It's a fixative which helps to sustain the fragrance and adds a lovely, earthy and leathery hint to many perfumes and aftershaves etc.
It is also antiseptic so can be burned or vaporised when added to water to aid with respiratory complaints and to clear the nasal passages. Also works well as a steam inhalation.
It's a dermal irritant so not really suitable for use in massage or creams.