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CATHEDRAL QUARTZ - healing properties

Quartz embodies connects and extends infinitely far beyond our star systems and galaxies back to source. It is therefore a phenomenal ally to meditate with or have present in healing groups united together for the common cause to manifest the highest good for All that is.  Cathedral Quartz is a master teacher full of cosmic light expressing the ultimate wisdom through its multidimensional energy collected over eons.  Its crystal structure resembles that of a Cathedral with its multi-terminated apex like a beautiful fairy castle of turrets.  It is a crystal that resonates with and generates pure universal light and collective consciousness much needed now when many whom have lost connection to source through fear and separation and need re-connection through LOVE and ONENESS.  The Cathedral Quartz upholds and supports this Love and oneness energetically, encouraging humanity to transcend the mass conscious realities that we live in; 
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