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Rose Fuschite


On a recent buying trip to Brazil I was shown a quantity of a metallic looking stone called Fuchsite.

However this batch was very different to any I had ever seen in my previous buying trips due to its delicate rose hue, as Fuchsite is usually green in colour. It forms in plate-like layers and is very fragile like all other varieties of Mica.

I checked with Kathy on its healing properties , she says

"Like green Fuchsite its energy is light and effervescent connecting very much with the elemental kingdom of fairies and nature devas. Rose Fuchsite is deeply heart centred in its vibration, clearing miasms and emotional blocks locked within this energy centre, Its energy is rather like soft sweet sherbert, reconnecting one with the playful innocence of ones own inner child. When one works with this delightful energy its essence and resonance is one of pure unconditional love, helping one to move into areas of self love forgiveness and acceptance.

It is a fabulous allly and friend when healing from issues concerning lack of self worth, aiding one to over-come the 'need' and co-dependancy and to look to others for the seal approval!. Rose Fuchsite offers a loving and fun relationship stimulating freedom of the heart and soul as well as supporting and inspiring creativity!. Rose Fuchsite works well on the heart and sacral chakras as well as on the Hara point/soul and creative centre (approx 2.5ins width below the naval). Psychologically it is uplifting and joyful breaking through density which is ideal for anyone who is subject to stress and depression with emotional roots associated to past issues linked back to childhood trauma or abuse of any kind.

Emotionally it is soothing and nurturing gifting one with love, lightness and joy as well as offering a powerful sheild to the heart space. Physically it is helpful with nerve related disorders and the muscoskeletal system as well as providing balance and support to the heart and sacral area, balencing these areas. Good for the reproductive area and urogenital system it also is helpful in balancing the subtle bodies and meridians.

Spiritually Rose Fuschite connects to the angelic and fairy realms assisting one to open ones heart and trust through joy and love. It is a stone of happy deliverance, joyfulness, pure lightness and love in every sense of the word!.
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