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Lemurian 'Seed' Quartz from Minas Gerias

Lemurian 'Seed' Quartz from Minas Gerias
These Lemurian seed quartz are from the Diamantina / Minas Gerais area of Brazil and are unique to this single location. Characteristically they generally have a unique milky tinge yet are very clear at the core of the points, they also have unique bar-coded striations running along one or more sides of the point.

These Crystals were said to have been planted in there remote location by the advanced ancient civilization known as the "Lemarians" . The striations on these Crystals when stroked with the index finger of the left hand are said to release knowledge held by the Lemarians that they wished to be passed onto us.

In Conclusion Lemarian seed Quartz connects profoundly to the temple of the heart energy....awakening and activating the Christ consciousness streams of energy available to us now in these important times of existence!!, only one word can be used to describe their metaphysical energies.. 'PURE'..... and so so special.....a real resonance with a deeply loving energy that touches not just the heart but the soul too.

We have a large selection in stock in the shop warehouse and available online with prices from £15 upwards. We also have new rare Smoky and Natural Citrine specimens coming in on our new Brazilian shipment. CLICK HERE TO VIEW SPECIMENS
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