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Massage Wands

Massage Wands Massage Wands


What is Massage?

Massage is beneficial to us in a variety of ways. It can improve blood circulation, calm the nervous system, improve muscle tone, stimulate skin function, ease muscular and joint aches and pains and most of all it 'feels' wonderful! 

Massage is a gentle art form of healing which is suitable for anyone of any age. However, there are times and conditions when it would be best avoided (e.g. on a full stomach). Using your commonsense is the best insight, quite often all it will entail is leaving out a specific body area or if unsure leave completely alone.

Most importantly do not massage any bruised or broken skin, an area of infection, or a person with a high temperature/fever, an area of varicose veins or any swollen or inflamed area.
Basically massage is a way of stroking the body with variations in length and depth of strokes. You should however, always-direct firm strokes towards the heart. The long flowing massage strokes with the minimal pressure on the body are the most soothing and relaxing (this technique is known as effleurage). The whole hand is used, by giving gentle even pressure, which is often performed at the start and finish of a massage.

Putting it into practice! 

Here are some simple guidelines in the use of a massage wand or a large tumbled stone:

The secret is to work very gently using small circular movements over any painful area of the body, anti-clockwise (unwinding) first to remove pain, then clockwise to put the crystal healing energy in - use your intuition to guide you with respect to how long you unwind for, and like wise to wind in aswell, you will know and feel when it is right to stop! If the area is very painful it is highly advised that you must work just slightly away from the body in the aura; this is known as aura massage.
Try using two different crystals if possible, maybe for example a Smokey quartz, amethyst, tourmaline or obsidian for removing/taking out the pain (unwinding) and a clear quartz, fluorite, citrine or rose quartz for putting the healing energy in. 
The healing properties of the crystal you choose will depend upon what it is needed for (e.g. Smokey quartz, tourmaline and selenite (this is a very good all over cleanser) work well on back problems whilst rose quartz is very good with regard to balancing the emotions and promoting the release of impurities. It is very calming/soothing in cases of stress and tension and as well as being good for the skin and muscles it can stimulate the proper functioning of the heart and can be used to decrease coughs and sooth the lung and bronchial area! 
Have a go at trying to work only in the aura, using massage techniques.  

If you are not qualified in massage, no more than this is recommended. Like wise it would be wise to consult a qualified crystal therapist/practitioner before using any crystal you are not familiar with, regarding its healing properties/benefits. Crystals are very powerful and need treating with respect! 

Here at 'Little Gems' we offer you an assortment of various different massage wands. Each one is reasonably priced and totally unique. They all vary in size, shape and crystal to cater for your individual needs. We are only too happy to help you if you need to know any more - just drop us a line or give us a call!  

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