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Crystals in Psychotheraputic Therapy by Danny Hickling BSc Hons Couns, MBACP

Crystals in Psychotheraputic Therapy by Danny Hickling BSc Hons Couns, MBACP 

Whatever your beliefs are on the science of if crystals work in healing without psychoanalytic intervention. It seems a place can be found for crystals within the therapy room as a bridge, firstly they help link us to nature (there is a growing weight of opinion that nature deprivation is cause for increased stress anxiety and depression in modern society) 
Crystals can be used as a anchor, a mediator and a transitional object in psychotherapy. When held they can sooth and calm a client, further to this they can be used to take the pressure of the client, giving them the opportunity to momentarily dissociate and look at emotions and situations more clearly through this degree of detachment . Crystals can also ground a client, be linked to positive thought processes and memories and create a contact between therapist and client within therapy sessions, thus encouraging dialogue and deepening the therapeutic relationship between therapist and client through both in depth understanding and empathy. 
I am a registered and qualified Counsellor in Integrative Counselling. I usually use Crystals occasionally in therapy intuitively when I feel it will benefit the client however if you feel this is a method you would like to work in I would be happy to use this method with you to explore your situation or.self. Please note this work is independant of Little Gems so please contact me derect if you are interested in my therapy sessions then please feel free to contact me direct on 0742 5702267 or via my website at

If however you are a counsellor or therapist and would be interested in using crystals, shells and fossils in your sessions please contact the shop on the number above.

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