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Shungite is an incredibly ancient magical stone for our times.  Approximately 2 billion years old this Russian sourced stone has been revered as have amazing metaphysical gifts as well as potent healing and health giving properties!   Connected strongly to the Base, Earth and Earth star chakras its energy is strongly grounding, protective and cleansing at a core level.  On a higher level it powerfully connects one to source, enabling one to utilise and manifest ones spiritual gifts and psychic awareness into the world for the highest good!  Its resonance is highly tuned to magic and ancient mysticism and draws in the Masters such as Merlin by your side as a wise and powerful teacher and ally!

On a more physical note Shungite has amazing cleansing and purifying qualities which are so beneficial in our modern day times when mass consumerism, greed and power have created negativity that lowers our divine consciousness in the world.  So it would appear that Shungites gifts have come to aid humanity in the hour of Mother Earths need; to fully awaken and realign our consciousness back into a fully loving and pure state as was intended by the Divine in the beginning!    

On a more practical level: Shungite has also been scientifically monitored and intense research on it has found that it contains a natural material known as Fullerenes. Fullerenes are powerful anti-oxidants and their presence in this stone appear to be exquisite; the strong healing qualities of Shungite have shown to exihibit an incredible ability to neutralize any organism within your body that is harmful to you. Scientific research has discovered that fullerenes are helpful in protection from free radicals as well as being rich in health giving properties that may help in the elimination of allergies, skin disorders and conditions such as asthma. When the stone is placed in water it has a powerful cleansing and purifying action upon it fortifying it with a wonderful healing energy. 

So it appears Shungite has a wealth more valuable than any precious metal, mineral or truly is both a magical and blessed gift to mankind!

Write up by Kathy Anderson: Crystal Healer at Little Gems, Cromer, Norfolk.

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